Custom Engraved Key Rings

Engraved and laser cut key rings or key chains, customised with your own name or design (Only black on white background images for wood or metals and black lines for acrylics). Available in many different high quality materials including wood, brushed gold or silver and a variety of premium acrylic plastic options.

Size: 50mm x 50mm max.



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Wood (Double sided), Brushed Silver (Single sided), Brushed Gold (Single sided), Pink Glitter Acrylic (Cropped), Red Glitter Acrylic (Cropped), Gold Glitter Acrylic (Cropped), Pastel Pink Acrylic (Cropped), Pastel Blue Acrylic (Cropped), Pastel Mint Acrylic (Cropped), Violet Acrylic (Cropped), Blue Acrylic (Cropped), Red Acrylic (Cropped)