Reiner Speed i-Marker 940

speed-i-marker mobile inkjet printer

Full kit, charging base, pc set cd rom, usb, rechargable batteries.

Cartridge for either normal, or quick drying ink for metal and plastic.

PRICE: €1,950 inc. vat

Replacement Cartridge: P3-S (Normal ink) €99.50 inc vat

MP3 (QUICK DRYING INK) €159.99 inc vat


Reiner Speed i-Marker 940 for production batches, including text, numbers, date , time.
Can also be used for graphic printing inc. barcodes, logos, QR codes. Giving a clear ink jet print on flat materials using this hand held stamp printer.

Full kit, charging base, pc set cd rom, usb, rechargable batteries. Cartridge for either normal, or MP version quick drying ink for metal and plastic.

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Dimensions 12.7 × 140 cm

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